Double Zero Films' demo reel.

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Who we are
Double Zero Films is a Toronto based video production company specializing in Web video. We have over ten years experience creating television and online video for a wide variety of industries and government agencies.
why we're different
A combination of three elements sets us apart: we're nimble; we're thorough; and we can work with almost any budget. Most shoots take just two to three hours, but in that time we can capture the essence of your business in a captivating and highly professional way.
we "get it"
A big part of any creative is "getting it"--quickly grasping the style, the story, and the look that sets the right tone. It's an intuitive process that comes from experience, and it allows us to deliver exactly what our clients envisioned in record time.
tight turnaround
The Web moves fast, and so do we. In most cases we can provide a rough edit in twenty-four hours, and a final, tweaked piece in five business days (often just in two or three.) We pride ourselves on being responsive and available to clients. It's all part of our "nimble" production style.
high-end production
Over the years we've invested in all the tools to make your Web video look like a high-end feature. From using dollies and cranes to provide slick camera movement, to green-screens and teleprompters for a polished newscast look, we spare no expense in making your business look like a million bucks.
Full Deployment
Once your new video is ready, we'll help you leverage it on multiple platforms. We'll optimize for YouTube or Vimeo, and provide a DVD to play at trade shows or conferences. Your new video is essentially a digital business card that tells the world all about what you do. Let's start handing them out!